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Mixing scientific insight with best creative practices we offer a portfolio of online and interactive workshops for business leaders and professionals. We encourage our clients to take a holistic approach to creativity. We help professionals develop creative thinking skills, mind-set and habits. We work with leaders and HR teams so creative culture is supported through organisational practices, routines and rituals. Help your team be creative on demand, master creative thinking skills in high pace business environment, build creative habits and induce a culture of deliberate creativity in your workplace. We run workshops that make creative thinking stick. Choose what sessions are best for you, your team and organisation.

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Dr. Ieva Martinaitytė

Creativity Lab was born at the heart of Cambridge – UK’s innovation hub with a mission to bring more creativity to everyone’s work. At Creativity Lab we work in project based teams with talented and dedicated researchers, UX designers and illustrators located around the world. Our founder and a creative director, Dr Ieva Martinaityte is an internationally recognised expert in creativity and runs Creativity Lab workshops, talks and panel discussions around the world. Her work has been published by world-leading social science journals. Ieva is an assistant professor at University of East Anglia, and has also taught at University College London and University of Cambridge. You can listen to her podcast here.


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The message that self-empowering ‘permission’ to schedule time and space for creativity was a powerful one and I’m confident this message will be borne in mind by colleagues who attended the session today. Your talk today was further confirmation to the team that creative thinking is a pivotal skill to be developed and nurtured now and in the future.

Steve Davidson

Chair of Finance Industry Group (FIG),
Managing Director at Marsh Ltd, UK Operations.

I didn’t want it to stop!

Lee Carnihan

Head of Marketing, Curve-Ball Media, Norwich, UK

As a creative writer I was encouraged by your research as regards employer perception on creativity and I thought you negotiated creative impulse within a modern work culture in a grounded yet inspiring way.

Henry Opina

Project Consultant at Gateway to Growth, Norwich, UK

I was lucky enough to get to take part in Dr Martinaityte’s workshop ‘Re-connect with your creativity’ recently. I found that, as a primarily STEM-inclined individual, I had not taken much ifany time to consider my own creative process, largely because I didn’t feel as if I had much of one. I was mistaken.

Nicholls MMath

Gateway to Growth, University of East Anglia

Ieva has reminded us once again that new ideas are generated in communication and discussions. Creativity is already a must in modern jobs. Practical games and discussions during the training session “freed” the co-workers and resulted in unexpected and exciting ideas. We are truly grateful to Ieva for the soft skills training.

Gina Gecevičienė

Magnusson Law firm

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Why we are unique

Scientific insights

You want to be confident that what we deliver really works. We marry cutting edge research in work psychology and creativity with practices of the best creative minds in the world.

Practically applied

You want to learn how it works for you. We design unique participant experiences that will unlock your creativity immediately and you practice applying creative strategies to your work challenges.

Tailored to you

You want to invest in something that sticks. We provide every participant with our unique DIP toolkit that will nudge you to master your personal creative process and habits.

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D!P ™ Toolkit

Daily Innovation Practice

D!P is a deck of cards, a library of scientifically proven, practical and beautiful nudges that empowers you to access your creativity daily. We designed D!P cards to help you learn at your own pace. If you work on a creative project D!P strategies will help you to come up with better ideas faster, especially when there is no time. If you work in a team D!P will help you to induce creative culture through team rituals. 

For corporate workshops and cards email us hello@creativitylab.co.uk. 

For individual purchases order here. Free shipping worldwide.  

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