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How often have you said to yourself “I’m not a creative type”,  “In my job there is no time for creativity”, “Others are more creative than me”,   “I have too many ideas, but where should I start?”.

Creativity Lab is a collection of my  research projects, work in progress and revelations that hope will feed your creativity. This is your home for inspiration, energy and gaining confidence to realise your ideas for better business, work or life.

In Creativity lab failure does not exist. When you experiment you simply learn what works and what doesn’t. When you take your business or life projects as experiments, the fear and stress of failure disappear, it is liberating and energy to act takes over. The new and better ideas are born.

About Ieva Martinaitytė, PhD

Hi, my name is Ieva, means “to breath”.  I breath to inspire, connect and support you to realize your creative potential so you can help others to do the same. In my working life I have been a pharmacist, a business developer, manager, consultant, researcher, educator and entrepreneur. Learn more…

Learn about my research

In this turbulent and dynamic business environment creativity is a key currency to business sustainability. My projects help business communities and leaders to better understand the benefits of employee creativity and how to build an environment in which teams can find new solutions to complex problems. Learn more…