DIP toolkit

Creative thinking in the time of AI and uncertainty is a necessity for individuals and organisations.

We know that creative thinking feeds scientific breakthroughs, solves business challenges and drives innovation. But sometimes we forget that creativity also feels good! It’s a human nature to be creative and coming up with new ideas gives us a sense of achievement and pride. Having opportunity to be creative at work provides us with experience of meaningfulness and fulfilment. We want to work for leaders and companies that provide us with time and environment to use our creative resource.


Have you ever experienced that creative process can be mentally and emotionally demanding?

Many times when trying to produce original results we give up and go back to our old ways, old habits and old mental models. It is simply because we can not deal with uncertainty and fear of  unknown.  We have to acknowledge that creative process is not an easy work. Especially if we handle multiple projects at the same time, and if all of the projects require a lot of intellectual effort, emotional engagement, and high quantities of information processing under limited time.

How to be creative on demand?

Develop Your Innovation Practice (DIP) – is an evidence based practical toolkit to help individuals, teams and businesses develop and master their own work habits and routines to enhance creative process, productivity and well-being.


DIP has been developed by Dr Ieva Martinaityte as a part of Creativity Lab project and helps you to integrate creative process in everyday work flow. Would you like to inspire creativity in your team and organisation email i.martinaityte@uea.ac.uk