Ieva Martinaitytė, PhD

In this turbulent and dynamic business environment creativity is a key currency for businesses and individuals to standout. Finding ways how to achieve competing business goals and solve complex challenges requires creative thinking.
My research projects help business communities and leaders to better understand the benefits of everyday employee creativity and how to build environments conducive to original solutions that also matter to the business.
In one of my first research project, I examined whether and how original ideas in the sales context can benefit the bottom line such as sales performance. The findings from the survey with 151 sales agents and their supervisors revealed that salespeople who score higher on creative behaviours also achieve higher sales performance but only if they report good quality relationships with their immediate supervisors. This work suggests that managers should be aware of their behaviour towards their favourite and not so favourite employees if they want to capitalize on their team creativity. In the interviews, managers reported that they are more open to listen to, discuss and engage in the idea development with their favourite than with their not favourite employee.

To further understand how organisations can develop their creative competencies and the role of the HR in implementing innovation strategy I further interviewed HR managers and directors from large to medium organisations in ITC, financial, pharma and other services. Based on the interview findings and existing literature I developed a Human Resources Management framework to facilitate workplace creativity. The findings from the survey of over 700 employees and their managers demonstrated the positive relationship between HRM system and employee creativity which in turn was related to customer satisfaction in retail sector.

Martinaityte, I., Sacramento, C., & Aryee, S. 2016. Delighting the Customer: Creativity-Oriented High-Performance Work Systems, Frontline Employee Creative Performance, and Customer Satisfaction. Journal of Management: 0149206316672532.

I have been presenting my work at the conferences around the world. I am a member of European Association for Work and Organisational Psychology, Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (USA), and the Academy of Management (USA) organization.

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