Ieva Martinaitytė, PhD

Lecturer in Business & Management at Norwich Business School, UEA

Ieva Martinaitytė

Hi, my name is Ieva and my mission is to bring more creativity to every work.

I founded Creativity Lab so everyone can be inspired to experiment and experience joy of creative process. Experimenting means learning quickly without taking big risks. Experiments help you identifying good ideas from the long list you have. Failure does not exist. You simply try things out and learn what works and what doesn’t. With such a mind-set the fear and stress disappears and energy to act takes over.

I have been researching creative process for more than a decade, and I have experienced the joy and frustrations of it. I know that creative ideas are competing with our old ways of doing things and many times, when we are under pressure, old habits win.

Starting and growing businesses, developing new products or research pipelines, producing original branding campaigns requires creative thinking, which can be mentally and emotionally demanding and in a long term even draining. We have to continuously feed and nurture our mental, emotional and physical resources if we aim to produce original work.

The real challenge comes when you are seeking to find an idea that is both original and practical, visionary and achievable, inspiring and viable. Successful innovators have this incredible ability to balance between play and discipline, exploration and focus, thinking and action, short and long term goals.

Creativity Lab provides resources, toolkits and workshops that helps everyone to develop experimenter’s mind set and habits, so we are able to continuously switch between exploration and focus modes, between idea generation and delivery tasks.

Creativity Lab is always in experimenting mode and continually changing to respond to what is meaningful to you. Contact us to inquire about talks, lunch and learn sessions, workshops or share your story.